About Us

We are having 11 years of Software Development experience. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of software platforms ranging from Web, Desktop and Mobile.

Every solution developed by AON Software Solution is defined by customers’ problems. Our endeavor is to provide our clients with a solution that exceeds their expectations.

Our quality standards are very strict and our prices are reasonable. Our pricing model is based on our cost and not based on clients’ in-house development cost or alternate solution cost. Our processes are efficient and we constantly exert to drive our costs down. Our philosophy about pricing and quality has always placed us higher than our competition.

We provide equal opportunity to all of our team members and ensure a harmony between organizational growth and employee’s individual growth. Creativity is appreciated and communication in encouraged at AONs2. Quite naturally, the results show in the solutions we provide. We are an organization that swears by ethics, honesty and openness in our functioning.

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